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2023-09-10Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 10: 8 - 20

TITLE: Holy Joy
THEME: We are to have a holy joy in the sin offering of
our Lord Jesus Christ.
1. Holiness
2. Sadness
3. Joyfulness

2023-09-10Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 35: 1 - 36: 1

TITLE: Worship is a Church-wide Enterprise
THEME: We are all to work together to worship our

1. Resting together
2. Serving together
3. Worshiping together

2023-09-03Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Exodus 30: 22 - 33; 2 Corinthians 2: 14 - 16

TEXT: Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 12
THEME: Put on the Fragrance of Christ. We do that:

1. As prophet;
2. As priest;
3. As king.

2023-09-03Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Luke 2: 41 - 52

TEXT: Daniel 1
THEME: God’s gifts of:
1. Chastisement
2. Conviction
3. Compassion
4. Cultivation


2023-08-27Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Galatians 5: 16 - 26; Ephesians 6: 10 - 20

TEXT: Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 11
THEME: The gospel promises that Jesus is my only and
complete Saviour.


2023-08-27Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Romans 1

TEXT: Romans 1: 16 - 20
TITLE: Our Salvation

1. The righteousness of God
2. The wrath of God

2023-08-20Rev. James Roosma
Passage: TEXT: John 13: 21 - 38

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 40
TITLE: Let Us Love One Another
THEME: We are to love one another just as Christ has
loved us.
1. Understanding Christ’s love for us
2. How we are supposed to love each other

2023-08-13Deacon Reaves
Passage: John 9: 1 - 41

TITLE: Open Eyes, Open Hearts
THEME: To See Christ and Follow Him
1. The opening of eyes
2. The opening of hearts

2023-08-13Elder Deddens
Passage: Deuteronomy 32: 3 - 20 Philippians 2: 14 - 16

TITLE: God calls us to shine
THEME: God calls us to shine like stars in this world.

1. God makes us stars
2. God makes us shine

2023-08-06Rev. James Roosma
Passage: TEXT: John 13: 1- 20

Heidelberg Catechism Lord’s Day 44
TITLE: Are Your Feet Washed?
THEME: We must be served by Christ first in order to
serve others.
1. Jesus’ washes feet
2. We are to wash each other’s feet

2023-08-06Rev. James Roosma
Passage: TEXT: Exodus 34: 29- 35

TITLE: Reflecting the Glory of God
THEME: Having seen the glory of God in the face of Jesus,
our faces should be radiant.
1. Seeing the glory of God
2. Reflecting God’s glory

2023-07-30Rev. Iwan Borst

Heidelberg Catechism Lord’s Day 50
TEXT: James 1: 1- 18
THEME: Confidence, perspective, and humility in the
fourth petition.

2023-07-30Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Ephesians 5: 15- 6: 4

TEXT: Ephesians 5: 21
THEME: Filled by the Spirit to submit to one another.

2023-07-23Rev. James Roosma
Passage: SCRIPTURE READING: John 12: 20- 50

TEXT: John 12: 34- 50
Heidelberg Catechism: Q & A 86, 88- 90
TITLE: Seeing but not Believing
THEME: Unless the Holy Spirit works in regenerating
the heart, no one can believe in Jesus.
1. Blind to Jesus
2. Jesus’ first coming as the Light
3. Pray for awakening

2023-07-23Rev. James Roosma
Passage: TEXT: Exodus 34: 1- 28

TITLE: Yahweh is Covenantally Faithful
THEME: The Lord is covenantally faithful even when
we are faithless.
1. God’s covenantal faithfulness
2. The beauty of the Covenant of Grace
3. The compassion of our Savior

2023-07-09Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 12: 12- 19

Heidelberg Catechism: Q&A 52
TITLE: Confidence of Victory
THEME: Since Christ precisely fulfills prophecy in His
first coming, we are assured the same will happen at His
1. Prophecy fulfilled
2. Hope for the future
3. Victory is secure

2023-07-09Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 33

TITLE: Sin has Consequences
THEME: There is forgiveness in Christ, but there are
also consequences for sin.
1. Separation
2. Grace
3. Assured presence

2023-07-02Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 12: 1- 11

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 33
TITLE: Love for Christ
THEME: If we truly believe in the Lord Jesus then we
will love Him.
1. At the feet of Jesus
2. Wanting to give Him our all

2023-07-02Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 32

TITLE: Covenant Breakers
THEME: The Mediator intercedes to save us from our
great sin.
1. The golden calf and broken tablets
2. Mediation by the Mediator
3. The seriousness of sin

2023-06-25Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 11: 45- 57

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 2
TITLE: Humanity’s Hatred
THEME: By nature we hate God, but Christ
accomplishes reconciliation.
1. Hatred of God
2. God overcomes hate with love

2023-06-25Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 31

TITLE: Gifted for Worship
THEME: God gifts us all to worship Him and to aid
others in worshiping Him.
1. God’s gifts
2. The purpose of God’s gifts
3. The Sabbath as Covenant Blessing

2023-06-22Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Phil. 4: 4- 7; Isaiah 43: 1- 3A; Psalm 23

Peace, Presence and Preservation
Theme: Our God is the source of Peace and will keep us forever.
Statement of Faith: Q&A 1 of the Heidelberg Catechism

2023-06-18Mr. John Moesker
Passage: 1 Samuel 1: 1- 20; 1 Samuel 2: 1- 11

TEXT: Lord’s Day 10
THEME: Our life is wholly upheld in God’s providence.
We can be:
1. Patient enduring adversity
2. Thankful enjoying prosperity
3. Confident facing the future

2023-06-18Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Matthew 14: 13- 33

TEXT: Matthew 14: 30- 31
THEME: What we learn about faith in the passage
about Peter wanting to walk to Jesus on the water: 3
1. Faith in Jesus
2. Peter’s little faith
3. What we learn from this

2023-06-11Elder Deddens
Passage: Hebrews 10: 1- 10

TEXT: Genesis 3: 1- 15 (vs 9)
TITLE: The Lord God asks, “Where are you?”
1. He asked the man;
2. He asked His Son;
3. He asks each one of us.

2023-06-04Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Heidelberg Catechism LD 47

TEXT: Psalm 103
THEME: How to hallow God’s name

2023-06-04Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Ecclesiastes 3: 1- 15

TEXT: Ephesians 5: 1- 21
THEME: Living wisely: using the time we have been


2023-05-28Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 10: 1- 7

TITLE: Discern the Body and Blood
THEME: We must place our faith in Christ alone.
1. Fire from heaven
2. Nadab and Abihu
3. Discerning the body and the blood

2023-05-28Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Acts1: 6- 8; 2: 1- 24

TITLE: Remember the Reason the Spirit Came
THEME: Let us go forth in confidence knowing that the
Holy Spirit is with us to spread the Gospel.
1. The Mission
2. God’s gift to fulfill it
3. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter

2023-05-21Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Acts 1: 1- 11

TITLE: The War is Won
THEME: Though the battle is fierce, we can rest in
Christ’s heroic victory.
1. The war begun
2. The great battle anticipated
3. The war won

2023-05-21Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 30

TITLE: Living in Covenant with Yahweh
THEME: We dwell in the glorious presence of God
because we are washed and we are anointed.
1. The Altar of Incense
2. The Bronze Laver
3. The Anointing Oil

2023-05-14Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Matthew 14: 22- 33

TITLE: Loving and Forgiving
THEME: Christ surrounds us with love, compassion
and forgiveness and our families should reflect that.
1. Christ sets His disciples up for success
2. Christ has compassion for His disciples when
they fail
3. This is the grace that is shown to us, and the
grace we should show to others

2023-05-14Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 29

TITLE: Ordination of the Priests
THEME: Christ has paid for our sins and so powerfully
washed that we can serve before His face.
1. The sacrifice burned and the blood shed
2. The wave offering
3. A cleansing that lasts forever

2023-05-07Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 11: 1- 44

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 22
TITLE: Jesus is the Resurrection and Life
THEME: We never have to fear death, for we know that
our Savior has delivered us from that as well.
1. Our Sympathetic High Priest
2. Not even death can separate us from our God
3. We can trust Jesus to save us from all our

2023-05-07Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 28

TITLE: God’s immediate imminent presence
THEME: Christ is God with us in immediate,
intimate, and imminent presence.
1. The ephod
2. The breastplate
3. The robe and the crown

2023-04-30Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 10: 22- 42

Canons of Dort: Head of Doctrine I: Articles 7 & 10
Head of Doctrine V: Articles 8 & 9
TITLE: My Father has Given Them to Me
THEME: The Father has given the elect to the Son to
save and keep them.
1. Unconditional election
2. Perseverance of the Saints

2023-04-30Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 27: 9- 21

TITLE: God is With Us All the Time
THEME: God is always present with His people in
holiness, sovereign power, and covenant love.
1. Dimensions of the courtyard
2. The significance of the three colors
3. God is with us in the dead of night

2023-04-23Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Matthew 8: 5- 13; Luke 7: 1- 10

TEXT: Matthew 8: 10
THEME: Great faith exemplified
1. It displays great compassion
2. It shows deep humility
3. It expresses wonderful certainty

2023-04-23Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 27: 1- 8

TITLE: How Will You Meet the Lord?
THEME: The only way that we can dwell with the Lord
is through the sacrifice of Jesus.
1. An earthly type made after a heavenly pattern
2. Ways not to come to the Lord
3. The only way to come to the Lord

2023-04-16Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 10: 1- 21

Heidelberg Catechism: Q & A 65, 83 & 84
TITLE: Jesus is the True and Good Shepherd
THEME: Jesus is our protector from all ills and our
supplier of every good thing.
1. Jesus is the True Shepherd
2. Jesus is the Door
3. Jesus is the Good Shepherd

2023-04-16Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 26

TITLE: God Tabernacled with His People
THEME: God has come to dwell with His people in
1. The beauty of the Tabernacle structure
2. The direction it always faced
3. The veil of cherubim

2023-04-09Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 9: 35- 41

Heidelberg Catechism: Q & A 21
TITLE: Lord, I Believe!
THEME: Christ gives us eyes of faith that we may truly
see Him.
1. The blindness of the Pharisees
2. Seeing Jesus by faith
3. Seeing Jesus in the flesh

2023-04-09Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Luke 24: 1- 35

TITLE: Christ is our Life
THEME: Christ is with us, feeding and nourishing us
with resurrection life even when we don’t feel like He is.
1. The doubt of the disciples
2. Jesus comforting His disciples
3. Jesus satisfying His disciples with good things

2023-04-07Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Luke 23

TITLE: The Way to Paradise is Opened
THEME: Christ’s death opens up to us the way
of eternal life in God’s presence.
1. Into Your hands I commit My spirit
2. The veil is torn
3. We will be with Christ in paradise

2023-04-02Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Isaiah 44: 1- 23

HC Lord’s Day 34 b

THEME: 9 Attractions of idolatry and their antidote

2023-04-02Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: John 11: 1- 44

THEME: 7 Signs: the sign of the great confrontation

2023-03-26Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Exodus 30: 22-33

Luke 3: 21, 22; 4: 1-21; 1 John 2: 18-29
TEXT: Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 12
THEME: Anointing Equips Us for Our Task
in God’s World.
1. Anointing in the Old Testament
2. The anointing of Jesus
3. The anointing of God’s people in
the New Testament

2023-03-26Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Luke 12: 50-13: 9

TEXT: Luke 13: 6-9
THEME: Jesus’ exhortation to a life of repentance.
1. God seeks the fruit of repentance
2. God gives us time to bear that fruit

2023-03-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 9: 1- 34

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 11
TITLE: I was Blind but Now I See
THEME: Christ is the Light and the One who gives us
1. Born again to see Christ
2. The unbelief of the crowd
3. One thing I know

2023-03-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Psalm 127; Philippians 4: 6, 7

TITLE: He Gives His Beloved Sleep
THEME: Placing our faith in the Lord is where we find
true rest.
1. Vanity, vanity all is vanity
2. In the Lord we find rest and peace

2023-03-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 25: 31-40

TITLE: The Light of Life
THEME: Our God is the source of all life.
1. The lampstand
2. The symbolism
3. The fulfillment

2023-03-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 9: 1-7

TITLE: Regenerated, Washed and Seeing
THEME: Christ is the One that gives us new life that we
may see Him.
1. Who sinned?
2. The blind man sees
3. Grace received

2023-03-05Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 8: 48-59

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 22
TITLE: Before Abraham was I AM
THEME: Jesus is the only one that brings about the
covenant promises.
1. Humble yourselves in the sight of God
2. Christ honors the Father
3. Christ is greater than Abraham

2023-03-05Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 25: 23-30

TITLE: The table of Showbread
THEME: The Lord will provide for all of His people.
1. Being fed by the holy God
2. Blessings for all
3. Supplied with the Bread of Life

2023-02-26Mr. John Moesker
Passage: James 3: 13 - 4: 12

TEXT: James 4: 4
TITLE: Friendship with the world is enmity against
1. What is friendship with the world?
2. Why is that enmity against God?

2023-02-26Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 25: 10- 22

TITLE: The Ark of the Covenant
THEME: We enter heaven only because of the promise
that Christ would pay for our sins.
1. Understanding the Tabernacle setup
2. The symbolism of the Ark
a. Where is the Ark
b. What is in the Ark
c. What is on top of the Ark
3. Propitiation

2023-02-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 8: 31- 47

Heidelberg Catechism: Q & A’s 58, 65, 90
TITLE: The Truth shall set You Free
THEME: All who place their faith in Christ are set free
from sin.
1. The truth of Christ
2. The Freedom Christ provides

2023-02-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 25: 1- 9

TITLE: Joyfully Giving
THEME: Let us give willingly and joyfully to the God
who has given us everything.
1. Understanding our possessions
2. How should we give?
3. How should we worship?

2023-02-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: TEXT: John 8: 12- 30

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 7
TITLE: Come to Christ or Die in Your Sins
THEME: We must believe in Jesus as our Anointed
Savior who takes away our sins.
1. Who is Jesus?
2. How do we know the truth?
3. Why is the truth so important?

2023-02-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: TEXT: Exodus 24

TITLE: Covenantal Communion
THEME: God’s gracious covenant provides us with
communion with Him.
1. Entrance into the Covenant
2. Covenant of grace
3. Communion with God

2023-02-05Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 9: 22-24

TITLE: We are Blessed
THEME: Since Christ endured the wrath of God for us
on the cross, we are now under God’s blessing.
1. Blessing then Sacrifice?
2. God’s wrath against sin
3. What blessing?

2023-02-05Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 23

TITLE: Follow Jesus
THEME: We must place our faith in Jesus Christ alone
and follow Him.
1. We must place our faith in the Lord alone
2. We must worship the Lord alone
3. We must serve the Lord alone

2023-01-29Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Matthew 14: 13- 21

TEXT: 1 Kings 17: 1- 6
THEME: Servant of Yahweh:

Man does not live on bread alone

2023-01-29Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Amos 9: 11- 15

TEXT: John 2: 1- 11
THEME: 7 Signs: the best has been kept until now

2023-01-22Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 8: 12

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 16
TITLE: Jesus is the Light of the World
THEME: Jesus is the only way that we can be delivered
from evil and truly live.
1. Jesus is the I AM
2. Light and Darkness
3. Light of Life

2023-01-22Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 22

TITLE: Further Instruction on
Loving your Neighbour
THEME: We are to live loving lives as those who were
first loved of God.
1. Taking care of property
2. Taking care of virgins, foreigners, and the poor
3. Worship the Lord alone

2023-01-15Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 7: 53- 8: 11

Heidelberg Catechism: Q&A: 56
TITLE: Judgment and Forgiveness
THEME: The judgment our sin deserves should always
cause us to look for the powerful forgiveness only Jesus
1. Christ came not to judge
2. Writing on the earth
3. Power of forgiveness

2023-01-15Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 21

TITLE: Human Life is Valuable
THEME: Human life is of the utmost value to our God
and should be to us as well.
1. Servants
2. Violence
3. Animal control
4. Death and resurrection

2023-01-08Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 7: 37- 52

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 20 and Q&A 83
TITLE: If Anyone Thirsts
THEME: Let all who are thirsty for salvation come to
1. If anyone thirsts
2. Come to Jesus
3. Rivers of living water

2023-01-08Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 20: 18- 26

TITLE: Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness
THEME: We are to worship the Lord in holiness and
1. Worshiping in Holiness
2. Worshiping with gratitude

2023-01-01Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 7: 25- 36

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 10
TITLE: Taking or Believing
THEME: God’s providence demands faith in Jesus.
1. The problem
2. God’s providence
3. Christ’s warning


2023-01-01Rev. James Roosma
Passage: James 5: 19, 20

TITLE: Shepherding One Another to God
THEME: Creating a Christ-like community means we must have covenantal love.
1. Covenantal, committed, community-wide love
2. Shepherding and forgiving
3. All to the glory of God


2022-12-25Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Luke 2: 25- 35

TEXT: Luke 2: 29- 32
TITLE: Nunc Dimittis
THEME: We can have peace even in death because we
have seen Jesus.
1. A sure hope
2. My eyes have seen Your salvation
3. Departing in peace

2022-12-25Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Luke 2: 1- 20

TEXT: Luke 2: 14
TITLE: Gloria In Excelsis Deo
THEME: We glorify God because of the peace we have
with Him through Christ.
1. Peace on earth
2. Glory to God in the highest

2022-12-18Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: 1 Kings 16: 21- 34

TEXT: 1 Kings 17: 1
TITLE: Servant of Yahweh: Sudden Confrontation

2022-12-18Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Isaiah 9: 1- 7

TEXT: John 1: 6- 13
TITLE: Receive the Light

2022-12-04Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 20: 1- 21

TITLE: Grace and Fear
THEME: The law was given to teach us the greatness of
God’s grace.
1. Grace and gratitude
2. The Standard of holiness
3. How do we stand?

2022-12-04Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Luke 1: 46- 55

TITLE: Mary’s Song
THEME: Let us rejoice in God our Savior.
1. Magnify the Lord
2. Three attributes of God
a. God is mighty
b. God has a holy name
c. God is merciful
3. The Lord is covenantally faithful

2022-11-27Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 7: 1- 13

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 2
TITLE: Jesus Mocked by His Own Brothers
THEME: Jesus endured the ridicule of family in order
to save them.
1. Christ mocked and hated
2. Christ testifies against evil
3. How can one believe?

2022-11-27Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Luke 1: 42- 45

TITLE: Elizabeth’s Song
THEME: We must be overwhelmed by the grace of
God given to us in Christ.
1. Why is this granted to me?
2. Encouragement
3. Joy and hope

2022-11-20Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 6: 67- 71

Heidelberg Catechism: Q & A 21
TITLE: Peter’s Great Confession
THEME: The Holy Spirit reveals that Jesus is the Christ
the Son of the Living God.
1. Jesus’ question
2. Peter’s confession
3. Judas’ false profession

2022-11-20Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 19: 3- 9

TITLE: The Mosaic Covenant (part #2)
THEME: Our response to God’s grace must be an
absolute desire to follow Him in all things.
1. Covenantal grace
2. Covenantal conditions
3. Covenantal desire

2022-11-13Mr. John Moesker
Passage: 1 Peter 2: 4- 12; Ephesians 2: 11- 22

TEXT: Ephesians 2: 19- 22
THEME: The Building of God’s House (Nation). In that
house (nation) you are:
1. Equal stones (fellow citizens)
2. Solidly founded (secure citizens)
3. Constantly under construction (full citizens)

2022-11-13Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Daniel 6

TEXT: Daniel 6: 10
THEME: Daniel prayed as previously
1. Prayer needed
2. Prayer explained
3. Prayer threatened

2022-11-06Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 6: 52- 66

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 23
TITLE: Jesus Rejected
THEME: Jesus is the Cornerstone that is also a
stumbling block to many.
1. Eating
2. Election
3. Rejection

2022-11-06Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 19: 1- 9

TEXT: Exodus 19: 3- 9
TITLE: The Mosaic Covenant
THEME: The Covenant of Grace continues to unfold.
1. What is a covenant?
2. Understanding the Mosaic Covenant
3. The proper response

2022-10-30Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 9: 1- 21

TITLE: Christ is our Perfect Mediator
THEME: The Aaronic priesthood is shown to be flawed
in order that we would look forward to another.
1. The Aaronic priesthood’s flaw
2. The Sufficiency of Christ

2022-10-30Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Psalm 79

TITLE: Glorify the God of our Salvation
THEME: All glory belongs to our God because He
alone provides our salvation.
1. Background
2. Repentance
3. God of our Salvation

2022-10-23Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Mark 1: 9- 28

TEXT: Mark 1: 21-26
The worship services as battleground.
1. Jesus in the worship service
2. Satan in the worship service
3. We in the worship service

2022-10-23Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Matthew 5: 1- 16; Philippians 2: 1- 18

TEXT: Philippians 2: 14- 16
With the attitude of Christ Jesus, do everything
Without complaining or arguing.
1. What drives this approach to life
2. What results from this approach to life

2022-10-16Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 6: 41- 51

Canons of Dort: Head of Doctrine #1 Article7;
Head of Doctrine #3 and 4 Article 12, 13
TITLE: God Draws Us
THEME: The Father by Christ through the Holy Spirit
draws to Himself His chosen people.
1. The complaint against God’s work
2. How God works to save sinners

2022-10-16Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 19

TITLE: The Mosaic Covenant is Made
THEME: The Lord makes a covenant with His people to
be their God.
1. The Lord’s presence
2. The separation
3. The covenant

2022-10-02Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 6: 22- 29

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 7
TITLE: Faith not Words
THEME: Jesus calls us to place our faith in Him alone
for eternal life.
1. Wrong desires for Jesus
2. Wrong way to be saved
3. Faith in Christ alone

2022-10-02Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 18

TITLE: Jethro’s Wisdom
THEME: Understanding our limits causes us to
1. Moses’ misguided heart
2. Jethro’s wise advice
3. Christ’s sufficiency to save

2022-09-25Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 6: 15- 21

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 18
TITLE: Jesus Walks on Water
THEME: Christ is in control of the storm.
1. Our Humble Savior
2. The Storm
3. The One who is above the storm

2022-09-25Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 17: 8-16

TITLE: Yahweh is our Banner
THEME: Christ is the One that we look to for
1. Under attack
2. Christ gives victory

2022-09-18Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 6: 1- 14

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 50
TITLE: The Good Shepherd Cares for His Sheep
THEME: Christ supplies our every need by His
immense grace.
1. The need
2. The test
3. The supply

2022-09-18Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 17: 1- 17

TITLE: Don’t Test Him
THEME: Christ is the overflowing Fountain of Living
1. The Israelites put God to the test
2. The Rock must be struck
3. The Rock is a Fountain of Living Water

2022-09-11Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 8

Title: Holy and Clean
Theme: To be in the presence of God we must be holy and clean.
1. Old Testament symbolism
2. New Testament realities

2022-09-11Rev. James Roosma
Passage: 1 Corinthians 10: 1- 13

1 Corinthians 10: 1-5
Title: Baptized into Jesus
Theme: The exodus was a picture to help us understand the spiritual realities that are ours in Christ.
1. The picture
2, The reality
3. The application

2022-08-28Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 5: 31- 47

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 12
TITLE: The Manifold Witness about Jesus
THEME: Jesus is proclaimed to be the Christ by
every source of authority.
1. Witness of John the Baptist
2. Witness of the works of Christ
3. Witness of the Father
4. Witness of the Scriptures

2022-08-28Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 16

TITLE: Bread from Heaven
THEME: Eat of Christ everyday.
1. Hangry
2. Manna
3. Sabbath

2022-08-21Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 5: 10- 30

TEXT: John 5: 24- 30
Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 22
TITLE: Christ is the Resurrection Life
THEME: Jesus has the power to give resurrection
life, hear Him!
1. Hear the Word of Jesus
2. Christ has the authority to give life
3. The Righteous judgment of Christ

2022-08-21Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 15: 20- 27

TITLE: Marvelous Grace
THEME: Despite Israel’s weakness of faith the Lord
still gives them victory and peace.
1. Salvation is entirely of the Lord
2. Israel’s weakness of faith
3. God’s amazing grace

2022-08-14Pastor Marty Slingerland
Passage: 2 Peter 3

TEXT: 2 Peter 3: 14 - 18
THEME: Living in Light of Our Blessed Hope

2022-08-14Pastor Marty Slingerland
Passage: Luke 10: 25 - 42

TEXT: Luke 10: 25 - 37
THEME: A Lawyer’s Inquiry about Eternal Life

2022-08-07Rev. James Visscher
Passage: Acts 15: 1- 35

TEXT: Acts 15



2022-08-07Rev. James Visscher
Passage: Ecclesiastes 1

TEXT: Ecclesiastes 11


2022-07-31Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Romans 8: 1- 17

TEXT: Romans 8: 14
TITLE: The Guidance of the Holy Spirit
1. Guides all believers equally
2. Obligates all of us
3. Gives us the fullness of life

2022-07-31Mr. John Moesker
Passage: John 2: 23- 3: 15; Luke 18: 9-14

TEXT: John 3: 1- 3
TITLE: Jesus speaks about the need to be born
1. What’s needed for rebirth
2. What rebirth means
3. What that means for us

2022-07-24Rev. James Visscher
Passage: Luke 5: 1- 26

TEXT: Luke 5: 27-32
TITLE: Who is Worthy to Follow Jesus?
1. Christ calls a controversial person
2. Christ accepts a controversial invitation
3. Christ gives a controversial response

2022-07-24Rev. James Visscher
Passage: Job 13; 1 Peter 5: 6- 11

TEXT: Psalm 13
TITLE: How Long, O LORD?

2022-07-17Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 15: 1- 19

TITLE: Worship the God of your Salvation
THEME: Let us worship the God who has saved us
entirely by His power and grace.
1. The Lord has triumphed
2. The Lord’s power to save
3. Who is like our God

2022-07-17Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 14

TITLE: The Red Sea Crossing
THEME: Be still and see the salvation of the Lord.
1. Complaining about the situation
2. Trust God in the situation
3. See God’s salvation from the situation

2022-07-10Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 5: 16- 23

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 14 & 38
TITLE: Worship the Son
THEME: Sabbath rest is only given through the work of
God in Christ.
1. The Father and the Son are One
2. The work of God
3. The rest filled results

2022-07-10Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 13: 17-14: 14

TEXT: Exodus 13: 17- 14: 9
TITLE: Yahweh’s Faithful Care
THEME: Yahweh in covenantal faithfulness leads His
people in the best possible way.
1. What is the Lord doing?
2. The Lord’s faithfulness
3. The best possible way

2022-07-03Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 5: 1- 15

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 38
TITLE: Resting in Jesus
THEME: Jesus is the only one that can provide us with
true rest.
1. Bethesda
2. Rest

2022-07-03Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 12: 43- 13: 16

TITLE: Worship the Lord!
THEME: We are redeemed solely by the grace of God.
1. The worship of God is holy
2. Understanding Redemption
3. Worship the Lord with your household and
with all that you are

2022-06-26Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Luke 11: 5- 13

THEME: The Lord Jesus teaches us to pray
1. With what kind of attitude to pray
2. What to seek in prayer above all

2022-06-26Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 12: 29- 42

TITLE: The Exodus
THEME: The Lord breaks the chains of His people’s
1. The last plague
2. Free at last
3. Proper soteriology always leads to doxology

2022-06-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 12: 1- 28

TITLE: Father’s Teach the Gospel
THEME: The gospel of Christ is given to us and our
1. Remember the Gospel
2. Teach the Gospel to the next generation

2022-06-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 12: 1- 28

TITLE: Stay in the Bloody House
THEME: Christ is the lamb who was slain who causes
the wrath of God to pass over us.
1. Bitter herbs and unleavened bread
2. The sacrificial lamb
3. The Lord passes over

2022-06-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 11

TITLE: Comfort my People
THEME: The Lord prepares His people for the exodus
with comfort.
1. Comfort for Israel
2. Comfort for us

2022-06-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Philippians 2: 1- 11

TITLE: Believing In and Imitating Christ
THEME: Believe the gospel and imitate the Christ of
the gospel.
1. Have the same mind
2. Have the same love

2022-06-05Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 7: 22- 38

TITLE: Give to the Lord His Due
THEME: We are to give the Lord our entire lives and the best of everything.
1. Treat the sacrifice with reverence
2. Give to the Lord your best and your all


2022-06-05Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Acts 2: 1- 39

TEXT: Acts 2: 22- 39
TITLE: Lord and Christ
THEME: Christ in the gospel calls us to repent and believe in Him for salvation.
1. The crucified and resurrected Savior
2. Lord of all
3. Repent and be baptized


2022-05-29Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 4: 43- 54

TITLE: True Faith believes in the Word of Christ
THEME: True believers in Jesus believe in His Word.
1. Jesus goes to Galilee
2. Faith in Jesus’ Word
3. Signs that confirm

2022-05-29Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Acts 1: 4- 11, Colossians 3: 1- 17

TEXT: Colossians 3: 1- 4
TITLE: Seek the Things Above
THEME: We are to seek those things which are above,
where Christ is seated.
1. Christ’s ascension and our sanctification
2. Christ’s ascension and our daily comfort

2022-05-22Mr. John Moesker
Passage: 1 John 3

TEXT: 1 John 3: 18- 20
THEME: God’s solution for a condemning conscience.


2022-05-22Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 10: 21- 29

TITLE: Hearts of Darkness
THEME: The light of God’s glory and grace shines upon His people.
1. The darkness of the human heart
2. The plague of darkness
3. The glorious gospel light


2022-05-15Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 4: 27- 42

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 48
TITLE: The Fields are White for Harvest
THEME: The eternal salvation of people is Christ’s main concern because that is the will of the Father.
1. The missionary work of the Samaritan woman
2. Christ’s food and drink


2022-05-15Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 10: 1-20

TITLE: Nothing but Dust
THEME: The Lord sends locusts upon Egypt to show that only He is the source of life.
1. Pharaoh’s continued pride
2. The Lord’s care for all His people
3. Egypt is turned to dust


2022-05-08Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 4: 1-26

Heidelberg Catechism: Q&A 1
TITLE: My Only Comfort and Satisfaction
THEME: We will only be comforted and satisfied in Christ Jesus.
1. Searching in all the wrong places
2. Finding Jesus to be our all in all


2022-05-08Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Matthew 23: 37

TITLE: Caring and Protecting
THEME: Our Triune God has a heart for us that cares for us and protects us.


2022-05-01Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 4: 1-26

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 3
TITLE: Drink of the Living Water
THEME: Jesus brings life to the worst of sinners.
1. Jesus the Good shepherd
2. Jesus the Revealer of hearts
3. Jesus the Life Giver


2022-05-01Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Matthew 18: 1-7; Mark 10: 35-45

TITLE: A Servant of All
THEME: Christ is a servant of all and all the leaders of His church should do likewise.
1. Being served by Christ
2. Serving like Christ!


2022-04-24Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Luke 24: 13- 49

TEXT: HC LD 6 Q&A 19
THEME: The one, old, old story


2022-04-24Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: 2 John

TEXT: 2 John 1- 6
THEME: A letter on love and truth


2022-04-17Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Philippians 3: 1- 16

TITLE: Press on in the Grace of God
THEME: Living in the Light of the Gospel
1. Count all things as loss for Christ
2. Press on
3. Be mature


2022-04-17Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 20: 1- 18

TEXT: Romans 5: 1- 21
TITLE: Eternal Resurrection Life in Christ
THEME: Since we are united to Christ by faith we share in His resurrection life.
1. Death reigned
2. Life in Christ


2022-04-15Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Luke 23: 26-49; John 19: 25-30

TITLE: The Crucifixion Sayings of Jesus
THEME: Christ’s love and care even in the midst of His suffering.
1. “Father forgive them”
2. “Woman, behold your son”
3. “Today you will be with Me in Paradise”
4. “My God, My God, Why have You forsaken Me?”
5. “I Thirst”
6. “Father, into your hands I commit My spirit”
7. “It is Finished”


2022-04-10Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 3: 22-36

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 6
TITLE: The Witness of the Witness
THEME: John the Baptist continues to witness that Jesus is the Christ and the only way that one can be saved.
1. Background information
2. The controversy
3. John’s witness


2022-04-10Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 12: 12- 19

TITLE: Palms of Victory
THEME: Christ has given us the victory over all our enemies.
1. The significance of palm branches
2. Why Christ came
3. What is ours in Christ


2022-04-03Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 3: 1- 21

TEXT: John 3: 9- 21
Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 23
TITLE: Christ Came to Save the Universe
THEME: Those who believe upon the Lord Jesus will be saved unto eternal life.
1. Born again
2. Faith
3. Salvation in Christ


2022-04-03Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 9: 13- 35

TITLE: The Sky is Falling
THEME: God is saving His people and at the same time showing the whole world His great power.
1. God’s plan
2. The plague
3. Pharoah’s hard heart


2022-03-27Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 2: 23- 3: 8

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 26, 27
TITLE: The Necessity of the New Birth
THEME: To be a Christian you must be born again by the Holy Spirit.
1. The crowds did not believe
2. The Necessity of being born again
3. The Spirit moves like the wind


2022-03-27Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 9: 8-12

TITLE: Healthy and Clean
THEME: The Lord causes the Israelites and the Egyptians to see the reality they are in.
1. Ashes and boils
2. In pain and unclean
3. Healthy and clean


2022-03-20Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 2: 13-25

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 44
TITLE: The Zeal of the Lord
THEME: Christ is zealous for the worship of the Father.
1. The situation
2. Christ’s action
3. The sign of assurance


2022-03-20Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 9: 1-7

TITLE: The Saving Hand of God
THEME: The Lord’s almighty hands shall deliver His people from the grasp of the kingdom of Darkness.
1. The severity of the plague
2. The Lord’s saving hand
3. The hardness of Pharaoh’s heart


2022-03-13Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Psalm 38

TEXT: Psalm 39
THEME: A sinner cries out in the anguish of God’s chastisement.
1. His initial approach to the problem
2. His increased understanding of humanity
3. His prayer for deliverance


2022-03-13Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 8: 20-32

TITLE: A Redeeming Difference
THEME: The Israelites are set apart in redeeming love from the kingdom of darkness.
1. The plague
2. Redeeming separation
3. The temptation


2022-03-06Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 2: 1-12

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Days 16, 17
TITLE: The Wedding at Cana
THEME: Christ turns uncleanness into great blessing.
1. The Wedding
2. Water to Wine
3. What does this tell us about Jesus?


2022-03-06Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 8: 16-19

TITLE: The Finger of God
THEME: God shows His power over the earth.
1. Dust
2. Finger of God
3. Christ became a curse for us


2022-02-27Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Ecclesiastes 3

THEME: I am an enigma
1. The enigma of our greatness
2. The enigma of our fall

2022-02-27Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Matthew 15

TEXT: Matthew 15: 21-28
THEME: Doctor without borders

2022-02-20Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 1: 43-51

TITLE: Can Anything Good come from Nazareth?
THEME: Jesus is the only way to heaven.
1. Jesus sees
2. Philip and Nathanael believe
3. Greater things

2022-02-20Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 8: 1-16

TITLE: Vengeance is the Lord’s
THEME: The Lord laughs as He enacts judgment
against Egypt.
1. The Lord remembers
2. The abundant frogs
3. The Lord laughs

2022-02-13Mr. John Moesker
Passage: Ecclesiastes 4: 1-12

TEXT: Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12
TITLE: Two are Better Than One
THEME: For the Lord created us to depend on each
1. For help
2. For strength
3. For comfort

2022-02-13Mr. John Moesker
Passage: 2 Samuel 11: 1-12,15; Hebrews 4: 12-15

TEXT: 2 Samuel 12: 1a, 7a, 13a
THEME: David’s repentance from his sin with
1. Nathan sent
2. Nathan’s words
3. David’s confession


2022-02-06Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 7: 11-21

TITLE: Peace and Thanksgiving
THEME: Give thanks for the fellowship we have with God in Christ.
1. The details of the peace offering
2. The foreshadowing of Christ


2022-02-06Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 7: 14-25

TITLE: Water into Blood
THEME: The Lord shows His power to give and take away life.
1. The swallowing up of Pharaoh’s authority
2. Christ is the source of life


2022-01-30Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 1: 35-42

Heidelberg Catechism: Q & A 65; 83,84
TITLE: Preaching Jesus as the Lamb and the Christ
1. Preaching
2. Hearing
3. Following


2022-01-30Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 6: 28-7: 13

TITLE: Whatever Pharaoh can do, God can do better
THEME: God shows Pharaoh a sign of his certain defeat.
1. Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh
2. The battle of the serpents


2022-01-23Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: John 10: 1-21

TEXT: Belgic confession Article 5

THEME: The Authority of the Bible


2022-01-23Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Leviticus 16: 1-17

TEXT: Hebrews 9: 11-28

THEME: Three appearances and cleaning house


2022-01-16Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 1: 29-34

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 5: Q & A 39
TITLE: The Lamb of God
THEME: Christ is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.
1. Jesus is the long awaited Savior
2. Jesus is the Christ


2022-01-16Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 6: 1-27

TITLE: God’s Word Assures
THEME: God assures us of salvation by the promises of His Word.
1. Remember who I am
2. This is what I have promised
3. This is who I am using


2022-01-09Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John1: 19-28

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 6
TITLE: Proclaiming the Christ
THEME: John’s testimony encourages us to repent and believe upon the Lord Jesus.
1. Who is John?
2. What is John doing?
3. Repent and Believe


2022-01-09Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Rev. 20-21: 8

Belgic Confession: Article 37
TITLE: The End and the Beginning
THEME: When Christ comes again we have a great comfort that He will judge the world.
1. What will happen?
2. The judgment of Christ
3. Judgment as comfort


2022-01-02Mr. John Moesker

TEXT: Philemon 12-14
TITLE: A Hard Test of forgiveness


2022-01-02Mr. John Moesker

TEXT: Proverbs 14: 26-27
TITLE: The fear of the LORD is the sure way to a blessed new year


2021-12-26Rev. Iwan Borst

TEXT: Luke 1: 67-80
THEME: Praise be to the Lord


2021-12-26Rev. Iwan Borst

TEXT: Luke 2: 21-40
THEME: Now dismiss your servant


2021-12-25Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 1: 14-18

Heidelberg Catechism: Q & A 1
TITLE: The Word became Flesh
THEME: Comfort and joy is found in the truth and grace of Jesus.
1. The Word became Flesh
2. Truth and Grace
3. The glory of Christ


2021-12-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 5

TITLE: It’s Darkest before the Dawn
THEME: Doubt and frustration fill the people of God and yet He is faithful.
1. Pharaoh’s wrath
2. Israel’s suffering
3. Moses’ cry


2021-12-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 1: 6-13

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 12, 13
TITLE: Salvation in a Nutshell
THEME: By the preaching of the Word salvation is worked into the hearts of those who are born again.
1. Testimony of John the Baptist
2. Rejection of the world
3. Born again and believing


2021-12-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 7: 1-10

Belgic Confession: Article 35
TITLE: Only the Best
THEME: Christ’s sacrifice upon the cross is most holy because it was pure, of the very best quality, and able under the fiery wrath of God to be a pleasing aroma to Him.
1. The best quality
2. The most holy
3. A pleasing aroma


2021-12-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 1: 1-5

Heidelberg Catechism: Q & A 25; Lord’s Day 13
TITLE: Jesus is God and is the Light of the World
THEME: Jesus is the only-begotten Son of God who is the truth, love and glory of God
1. In the Beginning
2. All things made through Him
3. Light in the darkness


2021-12-05Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Isaiah 6; 1 Peter 1: 13-25

TEXT: Belgic confession: Article 1
THEME: The Holiness of God


2021-12-05Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: 1 Samuel 2: 1-10

TEXT: Luke 1: 39-56
THEME: Magnify the Lord


2021-11-28Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Romans 13; 1 Peter 2: 13-17

Belgic confession: Article 36
TITLE: The Role of the Government
THEME: Christ is King over all the spheres of life.

1.Understanding Peter and Paul
2.Understanding sphere sovereignty
3.Understanding Biblical Application


2021-11-28Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 4: 18-31

TITLE: A Husband of Blood
THEME: The covenant blood of Christ is necessary for us to escape God’s wrath.
1. Moses’ obedience
2. Moses’ disobedience and God’s wrath
3. Israel’s joyful reception


2021-11-21Rev. James Roosma
Passage: 1 Thessalonians 5: 1-11

TITLE: Christ is Coming
THEME: Christ coming again is something for us to be ready for but also comforted by.
1. Birth pains
2. Always ready
3. Comfort one another


2021-11-14Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 3: 1-8

TITLE: New Life and Cleansed
THEME: Baptism symbolizes the Holy Spirit applying the work of Christ to us.

1.Born again


2021-11-14Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 4: 1-17

TITLE: Signs of Deliverance
THEME: The Lord assures His people of the deliverance He Provides.
1. Moses’ doubt
2. The assurances
3. The heart of our Savior


2021-11-07Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Romans 1: 16,17

TITLE: The Just shall live by Faith
THEME: We are saved by Christ alone through faith alone.
1. Not ashamed
2. Power of God
3. The just shall live by faith


2021-11-07Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 3: 10-22

TITLE: Moses’ call to the Ministry
THEME: Jesus calls Moses to be His ambassador in the deliverance of His people.
1. Jesus calls
2. Moses’ hesitation
3. “I AM” has sent you


2021-10-31Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Luke 1: 46-55

TEXT: Esther 6

THEME: Hidden but present: Oh, the irony and why God loves it.


2021-10-31Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Romans 4: 16-5: 11


THEME: You are righteous and heir to eternal life by faith in
Jesus Christ.
1. Righteous because of Jesus Christ alone
2. Righteous by faith alone


2021-10-24Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 6: 24-30

TITLE: The Holiness of the Sin Offering
THEME: The sacrifice of Christ for our sins is most holy.

1. The holiness of the sin offering
2. The holiness of Christ’s sacrifice


2021-10-24Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 3: 1-9

TITLE: The Burning Bush
THEME: By the grace of God in Christ the bush is not burned.
1. Who is in the bush?
2. Why is the bush not consumed?
3. Take your shoes off!


2021-10-17Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Colossians 2: 11-15

Belgic Confession: Article 33
TITLE: The Sacraments point us to Christ
THEME: The Sacraments are visible signs and seals of what Christ has done to us and for us.

1. What are sacraments?
2. What sacraments are given to the New Testament church?
3. Seeing Christ in the sacraments


2021-10-10Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Colossians 2: 6,7

TITLE: Abounding with Thanksgiving
THEME: We are to abound in thanksgiving to Christ
for the faith we have been given by Him.
1. Walk with Christ
2. Rooted in Christ
3. Abounding in faith with thanksgiving

2021-10-03Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Matthew 23: 1-36

Belgic Confession: Article 32
TITLE: Staying Pure and on Course
THEME: Being obedient to Christ means not requiring no more and no less than what He has commanded.

1. Freedom in organization
2. Guarding against legalism and antinomianism
3. Persevering in Purity


2021-10-03Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 2: 11-22

A Shepherd’s Heart mixed with Wrath
THEME: Moses displays the heart of Christ and yet lacks the wisdom and righteousness of Christ.
1. Moses’ shepherd heart
2. Moses’ wrath
3. The Lord continues to provide


2021-09-26Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Acts 1: 15-26; 1 Timothy 5: 17-22; Hebrews 13

Belgic Confession: Article 31
TITLE: Active Encouragement
THEME: Building up one another in Christ.

1. Encouragement from the congregation in elections
2. Encouragement from God by His call
3. The mutually encouraging relationship between the church at her leaders


2021-09-26Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 1: 22 - 2: 10

TITLE: God rescues Moses
THEME: God through ordinary means saves Moses.
1. The problem
2. The solution
3. The foreshadowing


2021-09-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 6: 14-23

The Body of Christ
Theme: We give thanks for the fellowship and blessings that are ours because of the broken body of Christ.
1. The grain offering
2. The fellowship and blessings

2021-09-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 1: 15-21

The Midwives' Righteous Lie
Theme: God delivers and blesses His people through ordinary means.
1. The midwives tough decision
2. The Lord gives deliverance through a lie
3. The Lord blesses the midwives

2021-09-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: 1 Corinthians 14: 40; 1 Timothy 3: 1-13

TITLE: Church Government
THEME: Doing things God’s way for God’s glory.
1. Christ as the only head of the church
2. The three offices of the church
3. The role and relationship of the 3 offices to each other and with the congregation


2021-09-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Exodus 1: 1-14

TITLE: Israel in Bondage
THEME: Israel is in bondage to a tyrant with no hope of
saving themselves.
1. Setting and background
2. The problem
3. Anticipating the solution


2021-09-05Deacon John Reaves
Passage: John 20: 19-31

TITLE: Believing without Seeing
THEME: Blessed are those who haven’t seen the risen Christ, yet believe!
1. The faith of someone who saw
2. The faith of those who have not


2021-09-05Elder Mark Mack
Passage: Philippians 2: 1-11

TEXT: Philippians 2: 1-5
TITLE: Church Unity
Sermon written by: Rev. Steven Swets


2021-08-29Mr. John Moesker
Passage: John 10: 1-10

THEME: Jesus is the Door.
1. Enter for salvation.
2. Go out for pasture.


2021-08-29Mr. John Moesker
Passage: John 15: 1-17; Galatians 5: 15-26

THEME: Live the Joyful Life of a Sanctified Christian.
1. Experience the joy of earthly life;
2. Experience the joy of eternal life.


2021-08-22Deacon Wes Zandberg
Passage: 2 Chronicles 32: 1-23

TEXT: Psalm 46
TITLE: God is our Refuge at all times
Sermon written by Rev. Slomp (Immanuel Canadian
Reformed Church, Edmonton)

2021-08-22Elder Peter Aarsen
Passage: John 3: 16-36

CONFESSION: Lord’s Day 7 Q&A 20,21,22
TITLE: True Faith is the Only Means
THEME: The confession that true faith is the only
means to be saved by Christ, the perfect Mediator.
1. The necessity of true faith
2. The activity of true faith
3. The contents of true faith
Sermon written by Rev. Clarence Stam

2021-08-15Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Mark 1: 14, 15

CONFESSION: Belgic Confession Article 29
TITLE: Repent and Believe in the Gospel
THEME: The Christian will live a life of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone.
1. Repent
2. Believe
3. Gratitude


2021-08-15Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 50

TITLE: Real Forgiveness
THEME: Joseph models the pure and full forgiveness that is given us in Christ.
1. The nature of the forgiveness given
2. Temptation and doubt
3. How are we able to forgive


2021-08-01Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Matthew 11: 28-30; Ephesians 4: 11-16

CONFESSION: Belgic Confession Article 27
TITLE: Being a Church Member
THEME: Being a church member means serving like Christ.
1. The necessity of joining a true church
2. Submitting to the yoke of Christ
3. Serving like Christ


2021-07-25Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Ephesians 1: 13-23 & HC Lord's Day 47

Theme: Jesus teaches us to start our prayers with God's glory

2021-07-25Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Psalm 2

Text: Esther 1
Theme: Hidden but present: the emperor has no queen

2021-07-18Mr. Scottie Wright
Passage: Matthew 5: 1-16

TITLE: Salt & Light
THEME: Christians are different so that God is glorified

2021-07-18Mr. Scottie Wright
Passage: Exodus 17: 1-7

TITLE: Christ Our Rock
THEME: Remember that God is present with his quarrelsome people providing and
protecting them in Jesus, our rock of salvation.
1. The Complaint
2. The People’s Solution (Put God to the test)
3. God’s Solution (God reveals himself as the provider, protector, and ever-present
Is God with you?

2021-07-11Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Ruth 4: 1-23

Blessed be the God who took notice of us
Theme: The Lord seeks to have an intimate relationship with us and in doing so displays His saving strength and faithful love.
1. In Him is strength
2. In Him is Faithful love

2021-07-11Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 47

Jacob Blesses because he is Blessed
Theme: Jacob blesses Pharaoh because he has more than the most powerful man in the world.
1. Jacob blesses Pharaoh
2. Joseph's wise governance
3. Jacob's resting in the promise

2021-07-04Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Ruth 4: 1-12

The Kinsman-Redeemer
Theme: Christ as our Kinsman-Redeemer redeems us for Himself in covenantal love.

2021-07-04Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 46

Israel Goes Down Egypt
Theme: The Lord continues to sanctify and providentially care for His people.
1. Jacob's sanctification
2. God's providential care and keeping His Word
3. God's providential care in reuniting father and son

2020-11-08Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 33

TITLE: Israel acting like Jacob
THEME: God gives Israel grace even as he still acts like a Jacob.
1. What about the name change?
2. Reconciliation
3. Worship


2020-11-01Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Romans 1: 16, 17

TITLE: The Just Shall Live by Faith
THEME: We are saved by Christ alone through faith alone.
1. Not ashamed
2. Power of God
3. The just shall live by faith


2020-10-25Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Hebrews 4: 12-5: 10

TEXT: Hebrews 4: 14-16

THEME: Jesus is our great high priest so
1. Hold on to Him
2. Draw near to God


2020-10-18Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 32: 22-32

TITLE: Jacob wrestles with Christ
THEME: It is Christ’s good pleasure to wrestle with us and bless us.
1. Jacob wrestles with God
2. What does it mean to wrestle with God?
3. The twofold blessing of God


2020-10-11Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Colossians 3: 12-17

TITLE: Being Thankful and Living Thankfully
THEME: We are called as those in Christ to be thankful and live thankful lives.
1. Being thankful
2. Living Thankfully


2020-10-04Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 32:1-21

TITLE: Jacob’s Prayer
THEME: Jacob places his faith in the Lord to be his
covenant faithful God and Deliverer.
1. Between a rock and a hard place
2. A prayer of faith
3. Acting in faith


2020-09-27Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Daniel 5

THEME: God weighs the evil king and finds him too light.
1. The writing on the wall
2. The riddle of the weights


2020-09-20Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 31

TITLE: The Lord’s Faithfulness Continued
THEME: The Lord protects and preserves Jacob from Laban.
1. Jacob’s obedience
2. Laban’s wickedness
3. God’s protection

2020-09-13Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 30: 25-43

TITLE: Nothing Can Stop God’s Blessing
THEME: As hard as Laban tries, he cannot stop God from richly blessing Jacob.
1. Laban’s deception
2. God’s blessing


2020-09-06Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 29: 31-30: 24

TITLE: Family Problems
THEME: The seeds of discord are sown and blossom but God sanctifies through it all.
1. God’s compassion
2. Family discord
3. God sanctifies


2020-08-30Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Acts 16: 25-34

TITLE: The Jailer and his Family are Saved
THEME: Baptism is a reminder that our life is only ever found in Christ.
1. Self-evaluation
2. Desperation
3. Salvation


2020-08-23Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 5: 1- 6: 7

TITLE: The Trespass Offering
THEME: Christ is our complete propitiation before God.
1. Unintentional sins
2. Christ our all sufficient Savior


2020-08-16Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Acts 6: 1-15

The Office of Deacon Instituted
THEME: Serving with the Word and deeds to manifest the Gospel.
1. The need for deacons
2. The role of deacons
3. The Gospel manifested by deacons


2020-08-09Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Acts 2: 37-47

THEME: God includes our children in the covenant promises of grace.
1. Who is the promise for?
2. Who is to receive the sign?
3. How do we live out our Baptism?


2020-08-02Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 29: 1-30

You Reap what you Sow
THEME: God blesses Jacob even in discipline.
1. Love at first sight
2. The deceiver deceived
3. God’s continued grace


2020-07-26Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: 1 Peter 1: 18- 2: 3 & 3: 8-12

Text: Psalm 34
Theme: Taste and see that the Lord is good.
1. Getting a taste of his goodness
2/ Craving his goodness

2020-07-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 28: 1-22

God's Tower to Heaven
Theme: The only way to heaven is God's way.
1. The promise of Abraham
2. The tower to heaven

2020-07-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 27: 1- 28: 5

Jacob Steals the Blessing
Theme: God continues to work through the sin of Isaac and Jacob for His good purposes.
1. Sin
2. Providence
3. Blessings

2020-07-05Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 26

Isaac's sin, God's Care
Theme: Despite Isaac's sin, the Lord continues to bless him only because of His gracious promises.
1. Isaac's sin
2. God's faithfulness

2020-06-28Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 25: 27-34

Two Sinful Brothers
THEME: God uses sin to bring about His good purposes.
1. Two totally different brothers
2. Two sins
3. The Lord is working through it all


2020-06-21Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Ephesians 6: 4

THEME: We are called to instruct our children in likeness to our Heavenly Father, leading them to Jesus
1. Three warnings
2. Two instructions
3. One example


2020-06-14Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Numbers 12; Hebrews 3: 1-6

Fix your thoughts on Jesus, who is faithful
1. Jesus' faithfulness
2. Moses' faithfulness
3. Our faithfulness

2020-06-07Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 25: 19-26

A Tale of Two Sons
Theme: God answers Isaac's prayer and elects the line of promise.
1. Isaac's prayer
2. Sovereign Election

2020-05-31Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Acts 2: 1-21

Fulfillment of Pentecost Prophecy
Theme: Pentecost is the day the Spirit is poured out, tribulations continue and salvation is spread.
1. The Spirit is poured out
2. Tribulations on the earth continue
3. Salvation is spread among the nations

2020-05-24Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Acts 1: 1-11

Title: Hallelujah! Christ reigns!
Theme: Christ’s ascension into heaven is of great comfort to us.
1.Christ’s ascension
2.Christ reigning
3.Christ’s Return

2020-03-15Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Psalm 46

Though the Earth Gives Way
Theme: We have nothing to fear for the God of Jacob is our refuge.
1. God has, is and will be our help
2. God is our constant supply of all good
3. God is covenantally faithful

2020-03-15Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 22: 1-19

The Ultimate Test
Theme: Abraham was asked to give up everything, but instead received infinitely more.
1. The test
2. The Gospel

2020-03-08Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Psalm 143 Lord's Day 48

May God rule in all our hearts along
Theme: We are to pray that the Lord would lead us in righteousness and destroy all the works of the devil.
1. Deliver me from my enemies
2. Teach me to do your will

2020-03-08Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 21: 8-34

Grace even in consequences
Theme: The Lord gives us grace even when we must face the consequences of our sin.
1. Consequences
2. Grace
3. Providence

2020-03-01Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Luke 15: 11-32 Lord's Day 33

Looking at the heart of repentance
1. Heartfelt sorrow
2. Heartfelt joy

2020-03-01Rev. Iwan Borst
Passage: Isaiah 42: 1-9; Matthew 3: 13-17

God the Father prepares his Son for ministry
1. The need for Jesus' baptism
2. The meaning of Jesus' baptism

2020-02-23Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Psalm 96 Lord's Day 47

The Chief Petition
Theme: We are to pray that we would know the Lord in His holiness and worship Him with all that e are in all of life.
1. Knowing the Lord
2. Glorifying the Lord

2020-02-23Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 21: 1-7

A Joyous Birth
Theme: In the miraculous birth of Isaac we see a foreshadowing of the birth of Christ.
1. Fulfillment of the promise
2. Foreshadowing of the ultimate fulfillment

2020-02-16Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 20

Deja vu
Theme: Abraham commits the same sin again, but the Lord remains faithful.
1. Abraham's sin
2. The Lord's protective providence

2020-02-09Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Leviticus 4: 1-35 Q&A 75 & 81

Christ the complete Sacrifice
Theme: The sacrifice of Christ atones even for the sins we do unintentionally and unknowingly.
1. Foreshadowing
2. Sufficiency

2020-02-09Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 19: 27-38

Christ in this?
Theme: The amazing grace of God is seen most clearly in the most depraved situations.
1. Sin
2. Grace
3. Providence

2020-02-02Rev. James Roosma
Passage: John 17: 1-26 Lord's Day 46

Our Father
Theme: Since we are adopted in Christ we get to call God the Father, or Father.
1. Our privilege because of Christ
2. We get to pray like Christ

2020-02-02Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 19: 15-26

Run away and never look back!
Theme: We are called to run away from sin and run to Christ.
1. Flee from sin
2. Flee to Christ
3. Pursue righteousness

2020-01-26Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Psalm 145

Talking with the Almighty
Theme: It is a great privilege that we have to speak to our God and know He hears us.
1. To Whom are we praying?
2. What confidence should we have?
3. Why is it so good for us?

2020-01-26Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 19: 1-25

The Justice of God
Theme: God is that holy, and sin is that evil.
1. The evil of sin
2. The wrath of God

2020-01-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: James 4: 1-10 Lord's Day 44

Why do you do what you do?
Theme: The motivations of our hearts are supposed to be selfless love for God.
1.Hating all evil
2. Drawing near to God

2020-01-19Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 18: 16-33

The Righteousness and Justice of God
Theme: Our God is righteous and just in all that He does in giving mercy and punishment.
1. Friendship
2. Intercession
3. Justice

2020-01-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Romans 1: 7-12 Lord's Day 43

Mutual Encouragement
Theme: It should be out desire to encourage one another in and with Christ.
1. Put away all gossip
2. Put on Christ exalting encouragement

2020-01-12Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Genesis 18: 1-15

The Lord Visits
Theme: The Lord visits Abraham and Sarah to encourage them in the truth of His promises.
1. Jesus comes
2. Sarah laughs

2020-01-05Rev. James Roosma
Passage: 1 Thessalonians 4: 1-12 Lord's Day 42

Abounding in Love toward One Another
Theme: The will of God is our sanctification, part of which is loving one another with what we have.
!. The will of God
2. Abounding in love

2020-01-05Rev. James Roosma
Passage: Psalm 27

Seeking the Lord's Face
Theme: The Lord call us to seek His face and so let us do just that.
1. The Lord's call to seek His face
2. The response we must have

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